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Click here http://t.co/mqfay37yNp and watch me live on @YouNow!
- Thursday Oct 2 - 12:29am

Ermahgerd I'm live on @YouNow! (http://t.co/tQ9b3B3Xzk)
- Wednesday Oct 1 - 11:30pm

Looney toons! Comment below who your favorite character is!💎💎 http://t.co/6TIG6jvp4Q
- Wednesday Oct 1 - 11:26pm

Hey guys!! So I've got a big surprise for you!! My new single "Movies" featuring Lele (@lelefantasy143http://t.co/pZsFtWTNOy
- Wednesday Oct 1 - 9:03pm

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With My Friend and Mentor Quincy Jones