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Henna for days. http://t.co/Sv10cPhBIp
- Friday Aug 29 - 9:30pm

Henna's for days.💁 http://t.co/bV1SMh4Kz5
- Friday Aug 29 - 9:28pm

Just met the sweetest guy you could ever meet! @shanedmosleyjr go give him a follow! You won't regret… http://t.co/V5PaKREdBe
- Friday Aug 29 - 4:05am

Yas, that's right I got my own truffula tree from the movie Lorax! I named it "Yolo" because I'm… http://t.co/ATC5aapR6d
- Thursday Aug 28 - 10:39pm

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With My Friend and Mentor Quincy Jones